Best Fuel Efficient Truck Engines In The US—Ultimate Guide

Discover the best fuel-efficient truck engines in the United States. Explore top engines like Cummins X15, Detroit DD15, PACCAR MX-13, Volvo D13TC, Mack MP8HE, and International A26 in this guide.

Best Fuel Efficient Truck Engines In The US—Ultimate Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best fuel-efficient truck engines available in the United States, focusing on their performance, efficiency, and technological advancements. As a crucial aspect for heavy-duty truck operators, understanding the nuances of these engines is vital for optimal fleet management. This analysis aims to provide in-depth insights into selecting and maintaining the most efficient engines in the trucking industry

1. Cummins X15 Efficiency Series

The Cummins X15 Efficiency Series stands out in the realm of fuel-efficient engines, specifically tailored for long-haul trucking. This engine's remarkable fuel efficiency is primarily attributed to its innovative XPI fuel system, which optimizes combustion to reduce fuel consumption. Its improved injection system provides optimal pressure that improves engine performance and fuel economy. Additionally, the ADEPT technology, a suite of electronic features, enhances fuel economy by adjusting to operating conditions. A unique aspect of the X15 is its use of predictive cruise control, which analyzes the road ahead to make fuel-saving decisions, such as optimizing gear shifting and engine speed. This engine not only reduces fuel costs but also diminishes the carbon footprint, making it a popular choice for environmentally conscious fleets.

2. Detroit Diesel DD15

The Detroit Diesel DD15 engine is a powerhouse of efficiency, often cited as the benchmark in its class for fuel economy. Its turbocharger is a key feature that boosts its efficiency, providing the perfect balance between power and fuel conservation. The DD15 also employs the Detroit Integrated Powertrain system, which harmonizes the engine, transmission, and axles for optimal fuel usage. A standout feature of the DD15 is its BlueTec® emissions technology, which not only ensures compliance with stringent emission standards but also contributes to better fuel economy. The DD15’s combination of power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility makes it a top choice for long-haul operations.


The PACCAR MX-13 engine is renowned for its fuel efficiency, a critical factor for long-haul truckers looking to minimize operational costs. This engine boasts advanced common rail fuel injection technology, which precisely controls fuel delivery, enhancing combustion efficiency. The MX-13's unique feature is its compacted graphite iron block, which is both lighter and stronger than traditional iron, contributing to overall fuel efficiency by reducing the truck's weight. Additionally, the engine's B10 design life of one million miles ensures long-term reliability alongside its fuel-saving capabilities proper maintenance. The MX-13 is a go-to engine for those seeking a blend of durability, performance, and fuel efficiency.

4. Volvo D13TC

Volvo's D13TC (Turbo Compound) engine is a leader in fuel efficiency, particularly designed for long-haul applications. Its hallmark is the Turbo Compound technology, which recovers energy from the engine's exhaust, translating it into additional usable power without extra fuel consumption. This feature allows the D13TC to provide significant fuel savings, especially over long distances. Moreover, the engine’s Wave Piston design improves combustion efficiency, further enhancing its fuel economy. A unique fact about the D13TC is its ability to deliver up to 6.5% fuel savings compared to previous models, making it a favorite among fleet operators who prioritize both performance and fuel economy.

5. Mack MP8HE

The Mack MP8HE, with its HE+ package, is a testament to Mack's commitment to fuel efficiency in heavy-duty engines. The engine utilizes the Energy Recovery Technology, which captures waste energy from the engine's exhaust and converts it into extra torque, leading to less fuel consumption. It boasts up to 9.5% fuel efficiency improvement. The MP8HE is also equipped with Mack’s Predictive Cruise, an intelligent cruise control system that anticipates road conditions for optimal fuel efficiency. A distinctive fact about this engine is its use of the "HE" moniker, which stands for "High Efficiency," underscoring its focus on reducing fuel consumption. This engine is a popular choice for fleets focused on maximizing fuel economy without sacrificing power.

6. International A26

Navistar's International A26 engine pursues fuel efficiency in the heavy-duty engine sector. Its lightweight design is a significant contributor to its efficiency, making it the lightest engine in its class, which translates to lower fuel consumption. The A26 also employs an innovative combustion process that optimizes fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. A unique fact about the A26 is its 12.4-liter displacement, which, coupled with its compact design, provides an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, further enhancing its fuel efficiency. This engine is particularly favored in applications where both fuel economy and payload capacity are critical.

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