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Brake problems aren’t something that should be taken lightly. Since your truck carries tens of thousands of pounds across highways or construction sites, one small hiccup in your brake system can lead to fatal accidents. At EIP Diesel Repair in Fontana, California, we take brake repairs seriously.

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Common Signs That Your Air Brakes Are Giving Out

Air brakes are generally quite tough due to their role in stopping heavy-duty machinery. However, like any other system in your vehicle, they can develop problems over time. Here are some signs that your air brakes may be giving out:

Poor Braking Performance 

One of the most obvious signs of air brake problems is poor braking performance. If you notice that your truck is taking longer than usual to come to a stop or if you have to apply more force to the brake pedal, it's time to get your air brakes checked out. Worn-out brake pads, malfunctioning brake adjusters, or frozen air brake lines in the winter are all factors causing poor braking performance.

Excessive Brake Pedal Travel 

If you have to push your brake pedal down farther than usual to bring your truck to a stop, there may be an issue with your brake adjuster. The brake adjuster is responsible for taking up slack as the brake pads wear down. If it fails, your push rod will have to travel farther before it activates the S-cam, which makes your brakes less effective and puts more strain on your air compression system.

Excessive Air Pressure Charging Time 

If it takes longer than usual to build up pressure within your air tank, you may have a damaged airline or a leak in the tank itself. This can lead to reduced braking power and may cause your brakes to fail completely.

Screeching Brakes

If you hear loud screeching sounds every time you brake, your brake pads may be worn down and need to be replaced. When the brake calipers are engaged, the brake shoes expand, causing the brake pads to make contact with the brake drum. If the pads are worn down, you’re out of luck—there won't be anything left to compress against the drum except the caliper itself, which is why you hear the signature screeching sound. It's important to get this checked out as soon as possible, as friction can damage several components of your air brake system.

Brake Pads Service Interval

As your truck accumulates mileage, the brake pads will inevitably wear down. Depending on various factors such as the make and model of your truck and driving habits, brake pads typically last around 60,000 miles. However, if you frequently carry heavy loads or make abrupt stops, the lifespan of the brake pads may be reduced to around 35,000 miles. It is essential to monitor the thickness of the brake pads regularly and replace them promptly to avoid compromising your truck’s braking performance.

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