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Your truck’s suspension system carries the weight of thousands of pounds on the back of your truck. If anything were to happen your suspension system, you could be in trouble. At EIP Diesel Repair in Fontana, California, we can repair both leaf spring and air suspension problems in a jiffy.

Suspension repair services on semi truck in Fontana, CA

The Difference Between Leaf Spring & Air Suspensions

Leaf spring suspensions and air suspensions are the two most common types of suspension used in heavy-duty diesel trucks. Leaf spring suspensions are the traditional and more affordable option, consisting of several curved metal plates stacked on top of each other. They are durable, easy to maintain, and provide a sturdy ride. On the other hand, air suspensions use airbags or air springs to absorb shock and provide a smoother ride. They can also be adjusted to change the ride height and improve fuel efficiency by reducing air drag. Air suspensions are also known for their ability to improve load carrying capacity and handling, perfect for on-highway trucking.

Our Suspension Repair Services

At EIP Diesel Repair, we provide repair services for both air and leaf spring suspensions in commercial and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Our team of experienced technicians can diagnose and repair issues quickly and efficiently, getting your truck back on the road in no time. We use quality parts and advanced diagnostic tools to ensure a lasting repair.

Air Suspension Repairs

Air suspensions are the go-to suspension for long-distance freight hauling. However, they can suffer from several damages like leaking airbags, damaged airlines, and faulty air compressors. Faulty height sensors and worn-out shock absorbers can also cause issues, resulting in a rough ride and reduced vehicle stability. At EIP Diesel Repair, we can diagnose and repair these issues, ensuring your air suspension is functioning correctly.

Leaf Spring Suspension Repairs

If your fleet of trucks is equipped with leaf spring suspension systems, regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent issues such as worn bushings or flattened springs. However, if you notice uneven tire wear, reduced load-carrying capacity, or a rough ride, it may be a sign that your leaf spring suspension is worn down or cracked and needs repair or replacement. At EIP Diesel Repair, we provide leaf spring suspension repair services to keep your trucks operating safely and efficiently.

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At EIP Diesel Repair, we understand the importance of having a well-maintained suspension system in your heavy-duty diesel truck. Contact us today to schedule a suspension repair service and keep your truck operating at its best.


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EIP Diesel offers a wide-range of diesel mechanic services. Our full-service heavy-duty repair shop provides repair and maintenance for all types of diesel vehicles, from semi truck trailers & buses, to RV's & heavy equipment. We have all the tools & tech needed to perform top-rated repairs on all makes & models. We are centrally located in Fontana, CA, and are proud to keep the surrounding areas of San Bernardino, Riverside, Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga, & more moving safely!

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A+ Mechanics. I've been in the trucking industry for 30 years. The entire team at EIP Diesel repair have proved to be honest, knowledgeable and on schedule.  They have overhauled 3 different trucks for me, and the performance is on point.
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Great place anything from a oil change to a overhaul they can do it all 100% recommended.
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